Tips for Success to Be Rich by Warren Buffett – Who doesn’t want to be the richest man in the world. Becoming like Warren Buffett is certainly everyone’s big dream.

Remember, billionaires are described as being able to buy any product or service they want, even if it is expensive. This makes everyone compete even harder.

Unfortunately, not all get the chance to become rich even though they have worked hard enough. Generally, they are too busy doing work without planning financial targets.

So how do you become a billionaire like Warren Buffet? Check out the tips as reported by

Tips for Success to Be Rich by Warren Buffett

Tips for Success to Be Rich by Warren Buffett

Want to be successful this year, take a peek at tips from 4 world company bosses:

1. Invest diligently

Warren Buffett, who holds the title as one of the world’s billionaires, said that investment provides great opportunities for individuals to increase the value of their assets. So, you have to make extra efforts to increase income outside of salary and so on.

The variety of investment activities that can be carried out simply is to open a side business. For example, working part time, opening rentals such as houses, cars, or other things to get more money.

2. Improve Self Skills

Buffett also emphasized that improving self-skills is important to optimize the unearthed potential. Efforts to improve self-skills can be started by taking various opportunities that are in sight.

“What is a weakness then take steps to overcome it and treat what may be a limitation,” Buffet said.

3. Live Frugal

The figure of Warren Buffett is also popular because he stays away from a luxurious lifestyle even though he holds the title of one of the richest people in the world. The Berkshire Hathaway CEO has simple tastes, lives a frugal life, and enjoys being a generous philanthropist.

Buffett still lives in the house he bought in 1957 for USD 31,500. Additionally, Buffett doesn’t buy a new car often, and frequently grabs a cheap McDonald’s breakfast on his way to work.

4. Be generous

Apart from being a successful businessman, Buffett is also known as a true philanthropist. Because, he did not hesitate to donate his wealth to a number of philanthropic institutions.

According to him, donating can make the human soul happier. In addition, this commendable activity will unknowingly encourage individuals to work even harder so that they can help more people who are in need of financial assistance or other services.

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