Learn Simple Life from Super Rich People

Ddrip.co – Many people think that the life of a wealthy person will automatically lead a glamorous, consumptive lifestyle filled with debauchery and rah-rah. All items owned must be branded, only eat menus provided by classy restaurants, and other luxurious lifestyles that can be imagined.

However, it seems that this assumption is not entirely true, you know. Many of the world’s super-rich people adopt a minimalist and simple lifestyle.

The super rich who have abundant wealth actually choose to focus on the things that are substantial in life rather than spending time and money taking care of things that are surface in nature. For example, regarding appearance.

It could be, this simple lifestyle is what makes these super rich people able to achieve success in life.

Learn Simple Life from Super Rich People

Learn Simple Life from Super Rich People

Here are some simple life inspirations that you can sample from super rich people in the world:

They are not stuck lifestyle

You have certainly heard of Warren Buffet, one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of nearly IDR 1,000 trillion. With that kind of money, he could actually buy a house at a high price.

However, until this moment, Buffett feels comfortable living in his old house which he bought in 1958 for tens of thousands of US dollars.

Average appearance

This is in contrast to the average person who actually forces a life beyond their true capabilities, just because of following the demands of a lifestyle. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook who has a wealth of US $ 51.5 billion, but chooses to drive a car that costs less than 1% of the value of his assets.

Not only Zuckerberg, other super-rich people like Steve Jobs were also known to wear minimalist and simple clothes that impressed simplicity.

These super-rich judge, their time will be more optimal to think about other things that are more important than to take appearance too seriously.

Nice to bring a packed lunch

With incredible wealth, these super rich can actually eat even the most expensive food they want. However, in fact, many of the super-rich still diligently take lunch with them when they go to work.

Call it Charlie Ergen, owner of Dish Network who has a wealth of around US $ 18.2 billion. Ergen has been diligent to bring lunch from home to this day.

Seeing their lifestyle, so there’s nothing wrong with being simple, right? By following their lifestyle, it is not impossible for you to become very rich. Remember the saying, little by little becomes a hill!

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