How to write poetry that is good and true and practical – Do you like writing poetry? Do you know how to write good poetry to produce good work? As part of a work of art, of course, poetry must be made using good and correct rules.

You can also make it as long as you want to study diligently and practice diligently. It is possible that one day you will become a famous poet.

Poetry is a series of words that have meaning and are made with a certain rhythm to produce beautiful sentences.

If you want to be able to create and write good poetry, try to follow the following methods.

How To Write Good And True Poetry

How To Write Good And True Poetry

How to make the right poetry is basically not difficult, you just need to know how the formula is. You can listen to it in the explanation below:

1. Make a Theme and Poetry Title

The steps to writing a good poem start with determining the theme and title.

You can’t possibly write good poetry if you haven’t found a theme and title to make.

There are many things that you can make as the theme or title of a poem, for example the beauty of nature, compassion for fellow humans and so on.

Find an interesting and beautiful theme for the poem and then come up with a title related to that theme.

how to write the first poem is very crucial. So you have to seriously apply it.

2. Define Keyword

The next step is to determine the keywords in the poem you are writing. These keywords will help you create and develop sentences in the poem.

For example, if you write poetry with the theme of love, you can use sincerity as the key word.

3. Use the right diction or language style

Using appropriate and appropriate diction or language style is the way to write poetry later. You don’t have to use diction that is full of figures of speech and beautiful words in the poem.

There are quite a number of good and unique poems that use simple diction and language, the important thing is that they don’t get out of the way of the theme and title.

4. Use rhymes and stanzas

What else should you pay attention to in writing good poetry? The answer is rhyme and stanza.

What is meant by rhyme and stanza?

Rima is the equation or repetition of sounds in poetry so that they can produce beautiful sentences. For example, in your poetry, the sentences in each line end with the sound equation “an”, which is called rhyme.

While the stanza is the number of lines in each paragraph of your poem. There are several types of bait that you can use, namely:

  • Distikon: two lines in one stanza/paragraph
  • Terzina: three lines per stanza
  • Quaternary: four lines in each stanza
  • Quint: five lines in each stanza
  • Sonata: four lines in the first 2 stanzas and three lines in the last 2 stanzas.

5. Develop Poetry as Good as Possible

This is the last way to write poetry. Where you have to develop a predetermined theme, title, diction, rhyme or stanza into a good poem.

Develop all the ideas that are in your mind into a beautiful work of poetry. Never be afraid to write down what you feel and think.

You can keep practicing by using the method of writing poetry as above to produce good work someday.

Who knows, you might become a famous poetry artist in the future. Writing poetry is an example of a positive activity that helps develop your potential.


Those are some ways to write poetry that you can apply.

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