How to Learn Effectively You Need to Do – Some effective learning methods that you can practice are looking for a new learning environment, listening to soothing music, and avoiding distractions. These tips can help you absorb knowledge well.

Learning is an important activity that everyone needs to do. By studying, we can learn new things that are useful for everyday life. Therefore, here are a number of effective study methods that you can do.

How to Study Effectively

How to Study Effectively

Effective learning is a learning method that can help someone to learn and use knowledge and skills more quickly, thoroughly, easily, fun, deeply, and/or permanently.

After understanding the meaning of effective learning, here’s how to do it:

1. Looking for a new learning atmosphere

One of the effective learning methods that you can use is to find a new learning atmosphere.

An article entitled Environmental Context and Human Memory from the University of Wisconsin, USA, explains that changing the learning environment or atmosphere can improve memory performance.

Instead of studying at home every day, try visiting a coffee shop or library.

This change in atmosphere is considered to improve your memory and concentration.

2. Listen to relaxing music

Listening to music can also be an effective way of learning to try.

While it is perfectly acceptable to listen to any type of music, many claim that relaxing music can improve concentration.

You can listen to classical, instrumental, or lo-fi music. As much as possible, try to avoid music that has lyrics as they can potentially interfere with your study session.

3. Avoid distractions

The next way to study effectively at home is to avoid all kinds of distractions.

Start by muting your cell phone and avoiding loud noises from the television or radio.

If necessary, you can turn off your smartphone so you are not tempted to open social media in the middle of a study session.

4. Don’t be shy to ask questions in class

For students who study in class, try to ask the teacher.

Have the courage to raise your hand and ask if there are things or lessons you don’t understand.

If you’re feeling shy, try writing the question down on a piece of paper and bringing it up when class is over.

5. Re-read the lesson notes every day

Rereading lesson notes is a good way of learning and needs to be done.

The teacher or lecturer usually requires students to record the lesson being explained in front of the class. Well, try to read the notes again at home.

These effective learning tips are considered to be able to ‘transfer’ the knowledge we get from short term memory to long term memory.

6. Rest between study sessions

After spending 30 minutes studying, you can take a 10-15 minute break.

Quoted from the Oxford Learning website, short study sessions are considered more effective and can help you absorb knowledge to the fullest.

7. Study in groups

Effective study tips that are easy to do are study with friends.

The reason is that studying in groups allows you to test your knowledge, ask each other questions, and increase each other’s confidence.

If possible, make a schedule with friends to study together at home or another place with a conducive atmosphere.

8. Avoid studying many things at the same time

Some people think that learning many things at the same time absorbs more information.

However, this habit is actually considered ineffective because you can be overwhelmed.

Try breaking up your study sessions into several days. This is considered more efficient in helping to store information.

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