How to Easily Create Google Forms for Surveys and Exams – How to create a Google Form or Google Form is actually quite easy to do. You only need to provide the device and internet network to make it.

Google Form is a service from Google in the form of digital forms that help you create and share them online.

Through this technology, it makes it easy for you to conduct research with more respondents without having to go to a certain area. Google Forms can help companies conduct surveys, find academic research respondents, and more.

Please note that this Google Form service is free of charge or free. This makes it very easy for you to minimize research finances, especially for paper expenses and dissemination personnel.

Through Google Form, distributing research surveys becomes easier, practical, and economical. In addition, this feature also provides graphs or percentages of your data that make it easier for you to read research results.

Apart from that, you can also use Google Form to create online exams.

So, how do you create a Google Form? Here are some steps for creating a Google Form and other items to note. Read more in the following article!

How to Create Google Forms

How to Create Google Forms

Below is how to create a Google Form, including the following:

  • You need to open the site or sign in to a Google account first.
  • You can click the + or blank symbol to create a new form.
  • Please write the title and description of the form you want to create.
  • You can enter questions in the column. Several answer options are available, namely multiple choices, checkboxes, linear scale, and others.

If all the questions have been created, you can click the Send button in the top right corner to share the form.
You can share the link with respondents.

How to create a Google Form for exams

Google Forms also provides a Quizzes feature which is used for exams. Thus, participants can see immediately the score obtained.

The method is the same as above, only you have to adjust a little in the settings menu:

  • Click the Settings button
  • Select Quizzes
  • Then, click Save.
  • How to edit Google Forms
  • Google Forms

You can edit the Google Form even if the link has been shared. You can insert additional questions, pictures, videos, or change some of the appearance.

There are several questions that require picture illustrations to answer them. You can add images to the Google Form. Here’s how:

  • Select the question you want to insert an image/video
  • Click on the right side of the question
  • An icon will appear, add image/video. Enter the desired image
  • Upload pictures/videos
  • Image/video successfully inserted.

Changing the appearance of Google Forms

You can change the appearance of Google Form starting from the main color, to the background color. Check out the steps below:

  • Click the Theme icon in the top right corner
  • Then, you can select the desired header image, color, and font type
  • Display Google Form automatically.
  • Attach documents

You can also allow respondents to enter additional documents in Google Forms. Here’s how to create a Google Form so that respondents can attach documents:

  • Go to Google Forms
  • Select a question that respondents can enter documents in
  • Click the bottom right and select Upload File
  • Don’t forget to specify the file types that respondents can upload and also the maximum files that can be loaded
  • View uploaded documents in the Responses section
    To see all files received, you can click Summary.

Those are some steps on how to easily create a Google Form. We hope this article will help you in creating online surveys.

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