How to Create Google Drive and Secret Tips Rarely Known – How to create an easy Google Drive, it turns out to be an alternative for storing files in the cloud. In other words, it is safer than you store it offline in storage.

Someone who stores files on HDD/SSD media or smartphone storage has the potential to experience loss. Especially for you final students who are working on a thesis, you must save it in the cloud.

The risk of losing important data in offline storage is very large. For example, the device is damaged or lost. Instead of taking such risks, it’s better to use Google Drive free storage.

Apparently, to have it, you can make a free Google Drive on your laptop or cellphone. Google as the world’s giant company, guarantees the security of the data you store there.

How to Create Google Drive and Secret Tips Rarely Known

How to Create Google Drive

Here is a complete guide to having free storage from Google. The capacity you can get is 15 GigaBytes (GB).

But you can get unlimited storage without any restrictions by subscribing to Google Drive Unlimited. Check out the steps to create a free Google Drive.

1. Have a Gmail Account

The first thing you need is an email address from Google. You can simply log into the email address via a browser. For browsers, we recommend Chrome more because they are both products from Google.

Type where the URL is, then the Google search engine page will appear. Click Sign in in the upper right corner, login using the Google email address that you have prepared.

2. Open Google Drive

After logging in, the page will reload displaying your Google profile photo. Then open Drive in one of the following ways.

Open Via Google Application

You can open Google Drive via the Google Application next to your account name. There are lots of Google products that you can use.

Starting from Google Drive, YouTube, Google Play Store, Google News, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Photos, and many others. Actually, how to create Google Drive only needs to go to the storage page.Click on Google Drive, then the page will immediately move to your personal storage. Other people can’t access it unless you give them access.

Open Through Drive URL

The second way is through a URL that you can type directly after logging in to Gmail. The URL for Google Drive login is

Once logged in, you are free to save any document in any format. Like photo documents (JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc.) that can sync directly with Google Photos. Or documents like .DOCX which can sync directly with Google Documents.

3. Click Add New

The + New menu is at the top left of the display, click on the menu to start uploading your document.

Upload Files

Click upload file to select the file you will upload.

Single Folder

Click upload folder to select the folder you want to upload, complete with the derived folders and files in it.

Wait for the process to finish, then the file or folder you selected is already in Google Drive storage. If there is a problem with a file or folder on your laptop/HP, you don’t need to worry.

All that remains is to restore it by downloading it from Google Drive to offline storage. The good news is, you can access Google Drive from a computer/laptop or smartphone application.

4. Access Google Drive

After knowing how to create Google Drive, you can also access all the documents in it using different devices. As long as you first log in using the main Gmail.

For example, when uploading documents using a computer. Then one day I want to view files, but don’t have a computer/laptop with me. You can open Google Drive on your cellphone with or without an application.

5. Sharing Google Drive Folders and Files

Furthermore, you have the authority to share documents with the public or special people you want. Check out the following steps.

  1. Right click the folder or file you want to share;
  2. Select share or get link;
  3. Change general access from restricted to whoever owns the link;
  4. Set the public authority, whether it’s only viewers, commenters, or editors. If it’s an editor, then anyone who has the link can manage, add, or edit files;
  5. Click done.

How to Create Google Drive and Secret Tips Rarely Known

Some specific tips and guides for Google Drive so you can make the most of it.

1. Access to Multiple Devices

As we have explained, you can access it through various devices as long as you log in using the main Gmail. This is also a reminder to secure your Gmail account with 2-step verification so that Google Drive documents are not easily broken.

2. Create Documents Easily and Online

You can create Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Sites, and various other Google services instantly and online. You do this by clicking + new and exploring all the features that Google has provided for you.

3. Attach Files in Google Email

If usually the user has to upload a file to be attached to an email, this doesn’t apply if the file is already in Google Drive. You are free to send files of unlimited size, of course with this feature it is more efficient to send messages via email.

4. Forms for Collecting Data

You can create custom forms to collect custom data. The results then open to a Spreadsheet document similar to Microsoft’s Excel. Select New > Google Form, then edit some of the options available in it.

5. Edit Images in the Cloud

Google provides a standard image editor that you can use. But if you do further editing, don’t forget to install the Pixlr extension on your Chrome browser. Now editing images as you wish is easier.

6. Basic Video Editing

Not only how to create Google Drive, through its full features it allows users to edit videos on a basic basis. The method is almost the same as editing photos, but the Chrome extension you need is Pixorial Video.

7. Revision History to Avoid Errors

Even though it autosave when you edit a document, human names are often not free from errors. Press the shortcut CTRL + Alt + G to view the history of past revisions. The retention limit is 30 days before those revisions are permanently deleted.

8. Connect with Other Applications

When using Google Drive to retrieve documents, the incoming email in Chrome must be the primary email. For example, you use the Blogger service to take photos on Google Drive. Live access Google Drive directly from the Blogger.

That’s how to make Google Drive and some secret tips that people rarely maximize. In fact, all the features that Google provides make work more practical and easy.

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